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Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy and Charges

Spirit Airlines is the most used low-cost carrier in the USA; daily, numerous passangers travel on Spirit Airlines flights. To give its travelers comfort, the airline has a seat selection policy so that they can choose their preferred seat.

Check out the rules to get seat assignments for your Spirit Airlines flights.

  1. If the Travellers with children aged 13 do not pre-select seats when booking, You can ask the gate agents and Flight Attendants to provide adjacent seats when possible.
  2. Seat selection prices can be checked during online check-in (within 24 hours of departure) and at the time of Booking in the manage booking option.
    If you do not select your seat in advance, you will automatically seat anywhere on the plane.

How many types of seats does Spirit Airlines have?

Spirit Airlines has three types of seats available on its planes which is

  1. Basic Fares/Seats: Spirit's basic fare includes the standard seat with 1 personal item, no seat recline, no Wi-Fi, No refreshments, etc., and this is the cheapest fare of Spirit Airlines.

  2. Premium Fares/Seats: These seats are better than basic fares as they have more legroom and a small table. Also, unaccompanied minors(the age of 15) can not choose these seats.

  3. Big Front Seats/Fares: BIG FRONT SEATs are larger seats with a 36" pitch and 18.5" width - a total of 6" additional legroom.

Seat Assignment fees on Spirit Airlines

Seat selection at Spirit Airlines will cost you $5 per seat, But it may vary by route and location in the aircraft. Or, to save your money, a random seat assignment at check-in for free.

How to choose a seat at Spirit Airlines?

After knowing the Spirit Airlines seat selection fee and policy, it's time to know how to get a pre-selected seat to check out the steps below.

At the time of Booking:

While booking a flight with Spirit Airlines, you will see the seat assignment option before the payment option, where you can select your seat, and the fee will be included in your fare.

After the Booking (Through Online Check-in):

Go to spirit.com and tap on the "check-in" option. Now, Enter the "Passenger's Last Name" and the "Confirmation Code" while completing your check-in; you can also select your preferred seat by paying the fee, but remember. This option starts 24 hours and closes 1 hour before your flight departure.

Call the Airlines:

This is not the most suggested method as it takes a long time to reach the airline's customer service, but if you have sufficient time, you can call 1 (855) 728-3555 and ask for the seat selection.

Final Words

It is wise to do some research while adding or choosing any service of airlines so that you have a clear idea of whether this is worth the cost or not.

And If you think you should go for the seat selection, you can pay a little extra money and enjoy more legroom and a comfortable journey.

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