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What are the Top 10 Antivirus for Your PC and Laptop?

If you are in the internet world, you are surrounded by countless cyber threats and attacks. You might be looking for an effective system to protect your system from such threats. Here, we have listed the top 10 antivirus for your PC and laptop that will protect you from viruses and offer some additional features. Read on to learn more about these additional features.

Top 10 Antivirus

 The Top 10 Antivirus are the best software programs for protecting your PC and laptop against cyber threats and attacks are mentioned below:

1- Bitdefender antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is a great antivirus program for your PC that protects against viruses and has some additional features like ransomware protection, VPN for a secure connection, and even blocking ad trackers. It has received top scores from independent testing labs and has also passed hands-on tests. It has an autopilot feature, which reduces your interference. The major setback is for full scan protection and unlimited use of the VPN. You need to pay a bit extra, which is worth doing. Bitdefender is good for those who need comprehensive protection with little interaction. All you need is to turn on its auto-pilot mode.

2- Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton is a well-known antivirus company that has produced top-year products like Norton Antivirus Plus. It has also scored high in independent labs and hands-on tests. If you need more than just antivirus protection, Norton Antivirus Plus is the best you can have for your system. It has a firewall to protect against external attacks and internal threats. It also has a firewall defence against exploit attacks. The best part is that it includes a backup system for archiving files locally or in online storage. It has a Spam filter and software updater tool. It protects your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

3- McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus safeguards a single PC with its powerful system; it provides protection with a simple firewall and protects against cryptojacking. However, it no longer provides cross-platform protection, and there are no discounts for multiple licences; therefore, for each new device, you need to purchase a separate McAfee. It has a file shredder that helps you to quickly and safely delete your files without recovery. It also includes a vulnerability scanner web extension and password manager for all-around protection.

4- Total AV

It is one of the top 10 antivirus for your laptop that has quality protection against various digital threats. You can get limited free and complete paid subscriptions. It has a success rate of 97.5% of blocked 0-day malware threats. Its performance impact is really low, which means you barely notice that the background scan is happening. It protects from ransomware phishing emails and also removes and improves page load times. If you look at its all-around protection, it offers a safe browsing VPN, which encrypts your connection and shields your public IP. It also has a web shield Chrome extension that filters out the malicious website and its password manager.

5- NordVPN threat protection

It protects your PC from dangerous websites and intrusive ads, meaning you receive all-around protection. When you install a VPN app, it continuously runs in the background, protects against infected websites, and blocks access to 90% of malware-hosting pages. It automatically scans or downloads from malicious components and is the best choice against threat protection for online security. As NordVPN is actually a VPN, your information is encoded using advanced encryption cyphers that prevent any leak of sensitive data.

6- Avira antivirus

Avira is known for its near-perfect track record and for blocking 100% of the latest malware threats. It has some of the outstanding features that secure your device, like Phantom VPN, a password manager, safe shopping, and a file shredder. It also offers some expensive plans like Prime, where you get additional VIP customer support, unlimited VPN, and a price comparison tool. If you look at its basic advantages, they are protection from ransomware, intuitive user interference, integrated VPN, and a free version.

7- SurfShark antivirus

SurfShark provides services that come with next-generation antivirus programs and also provides excellent cyber security tools than other antivirus. This antivirus has less impact on your system, which provides you with fewer performance issues than other programs. It provides real-time protection and device scanning that helps you schedule your scans. It also secures your search engine as it provides safe online searching; however, it doesn't offer firewall protection. If in case your data is threatened or compromised, you receive a security alert. It has a strong VPN and a clean web feature and also offers excellent customer support service if you find difficulty using it.

8- G data antivirus

G Data Antivirus claims that it released the first antivirus program in 1985; however, it is not confirmed whether it was the absolute first or not, but they do have a legacy of providing the best antivirus programs for decades. It performs excellently in malware protection and is also independent against malicious downloads. It has upgraded its extra security tool. It also has an exploit detection program, spam filtering, Bankguard protection for financial transactions and protection against keyloggers. If you want to have an antivirus with robust security features, G Data Antivirus is the best option we have included in the top 10 PC antivirus.

9- Malwarebytes Free

When the other antivirus fails to perform Malwarebytes-free, it has been the first choice for cleanup. If you go for malware by its premium, it offers a comprehensive antivirus solution that provides scheduled scanning files, excess scanning, and switching to full scan. It includes various real-time protection techniques like behaviour-based detection, ransom activity detection, and defence against exploit attacks. Suppose you want to spend on scan and excellent hands-on test results and also have used malware bites free. In that case, you can go for Malware Bites Premium to not just overcome the shortcomings of other antivirus tools but also to have a fully powered feature in your system.

10- Webroot is secure anywhere antivirus

It is the smallest antivirus you could ever see. It has a unique approach that relies on cloud intelligence rather than local resources. It provides protection from unknown malware threats and also sends details about these unknown programs to the cloud. By doing so, it allows these cloud programs to run in a virtualised environment and prevents permanent system changes. If the cloud analysis identifies the program as malicious, Webroot removes it and rolls back any changes it has made. However, this process takes a long which doesn't align with this standard test. It is good for those who are experts in security matters and appreciate the advanced features of Webroot.

Bottom Line

When looking for the top 10 antivirus programs for PCs and laptops, we look for a malware detection rate of more than 96%, security features like real-time protection, and advanced firewall features like VPN password manager, ad blockers. The list we have provided above excels in all these areas, providing overall protection with advanced features. Whatever you pick from the list, you will counter the countless cyber threats and attacks you might face. The software programs will provide you with the highest device protection.

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