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How do I reset my Spotify password if I forgot it? 

Resetting your password is the easiest way to get back into your Spotify account if you need to remember or misplace it. This requires your browser as it won't function with the desktop or mobile apps. Visit your browser's Password Reset page and follow these simple steps.

  • Once you've input your email address in the text field, press "Send".
  • Open a new tab on your browser and look for an email titled resetting password. Check the spam folder if you do not find it after a few minutes.
  • Check the "Social and Promotion" sections if you use Gmail.
  • In the email, select "Password Reset."
  • This will take you to the "Reset" page. Put in and verify the new password.
  • Press "Send."
  • With your new password, it is possible to log into the app or browser using your username.

Although it's crucial to have password security on all of your devices and profiles, many people regrettably keep their login information up to date for many accounts.

What to do if you forget your Spotify password and have no access to email?

It could be quite frustrating if you need help remembering your Spotify password or email address, particularly when you can't remember your email address to change your Spotify password. In this instance, you must take the two crucial actions listed below.

Access Spotify without using an email

You can use the following methods to access Spotify if you have forgotten your email address:

Proceed through Facebook

Open a web browser and navigate to the sign-in page for Spotify. You'll notice a tag that says "continue with Facebook" there. Ensure you are logged into your system before attempting to log into Facebook. Here's how to use Facebook to access Spotify's home page.

Proceed through Apple

Choose "Continue with Apple" after starting the Spotify application on your PC. After that, if you are using an iPhone or another iOS device, a new page will open where you'll enter your Apple ID. Check whether the Apple ID is attached to or registered with Spotify.

Proceed using Google

Using Google to sign up for Spotify is the next option. You must opt for "Continue with Google" on the sign-in page. You can now choose the Google ID you want to use for Spotify among all your email addresses. (It ought to be the ID that Spotify has previously recorded.

Update your Spotify password.

Changing the password is simple once you've opened Spotify using one of the methods above. To modify the password, take the actions listed below:

  • Access your profile.
  • Select the account option from the menu.
  • Go to the settings and choose "Change Password."
  • You now have to change the password on whichever website granted access to Spotify.

How do I find out what my Spotify password is? 

If you have forgotten your Spotify password, you can easily reset it. First, go to the Spotify login page and select "forgot password." Then, enter the email address associated with your account. Spotify will send you an email with instructions on how to reset Spotify password. Be sure to create a strong password that you can remember, and consider using a password manager to store your login credentials securely. With your new password, you'll be back to listening to your favourite tunes in no time.

Why won't Spotify let me reset my password? 

There could be several reasons why Spotify is not letting you reset your password. One possible reason could be that you must enter the correct credentials or use an email address not associated with your Spotify account. Another reason could be that their reset password link may be expired, or there could be a technical glitch on their website. You can try clearing your cache and cookies or using a different browser to see if that helps.

Final words

We hope that the information in this article has helped you understand how to reset your Spotify password without using your email. We've also included instructions for changing your Spotify password without using your email. The above guide can assist you in using Spotify again if you need to remember your login credentials. This fantastic music software lets you listen to your favourite songs on any device.

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